13 Tools I use every day as a pro content creator

Social media tools are essential for anyone that have goals assigned to their content. And you should have goals for your content!

There are several tools I use every day to get my workload under control. I’ll break these down into 3 sections; keeping track of it all, design and editing, and automation and analytics!

Here are 13 of my favourite content creation tools for saving time, getting better results, and making the most of every day.

Keeping track of it all

The process of designing content can start in many different places. It could be from a high-level meeting with your directorate, or some customer data you have been digging in to find some questions to improve customer experience. Or an awareness day you want to join in with. To keep all this information neat and tidy, I use Trello.

Trello has been my go-to for years to keep everything in my life in order. It eliminates confusion about a specific project or piece of content I’m working after a few weeks away. I love the customisable side of things too. It’s really nice for collaboration as well. With it being cloud-based, all my data, drawings, screenshots, ideas, notes and links are all accessible on the easy to use the desktop browser and the iPhone app.

Design and editing

I live with a pen in my hand. I scribble drawings all day long. If designs are in collaboration with others, I’ll generally store them in Trello, but the reality is my camera roll on my phone is full of designs. It’s a nice easy place to keep stuff as you can create folders for different projects.

But what about the actual design? Ok, I know I said that these tools need to be accessible on any device, but there is an exception to the rule—kind of.

I have two, sometimes three monitors in use when I’m designing. One of those screens is dedicated to Photoshop. I use it for everything—photo manipulation to graphic design. If I have posters or leaflets to do, I will use this much of the time, of course, on InDesign on major projects and Illustrator for those icon designs and complex drawings, but Photoshop rules them all far as I’m concerned.