3 Top Tips for Purchasing Photography Gear

If you were to ask my wife about my spending habits, she'd tell you that I spend an obscene amount of money on not a lot of equipment.

I can understand why she thinks that. It's because I spend so long considering the pros and the cons I must sound like I'm going on and on "Matt wants to spend money again!"

I have GAS—gear Acquisition Syndrome.

Buying a new kit is, in my opinion, the second-best feeling (in the photography hobby!) you can get. Of course the first is when you get that shot you have been looking for what feels like an age. But the feeling of the new kit, the smell, the touch and the anticipation of using your new toy is electric. Ok, I'll have a cold shower and calm down.

Sometimes it feels like I have made the wrong choice. I have overpaid for a product, bought something not worth the price - so how do I know that I have made the right decision before I purchase these days? I follow these 3 top tips

What's your goal?

That all depends on where you are in your hobby/career. If you're a hobbyist and are taking photos for pleasure, ask yourself 'what do I want to learn next?' or 'what can't I do that I want to achieve?'.

By understanding what your goal is, you can start to prioritise your options. If like me you have a few goals that several pieces of equipment will help you with, then sorting them in order of need comes first.

Do your research!

Some of the best gear I have is because I have researched them - purchased at a reasonable cost too. But the expensive equipment is the stuff I regret buying because I raced ahead and purchased the most valuable because I believed I needed it hence the reason this list exists!

To do your research, visit YouTube and websites - for the kit, check out these guys;





Learn the product inside out (even before you have also handled it!)

Youtube, forums, friends with the kit - hire it! Once you get it in your hands, all you will need is the practice of using it, learning how to use it will be easy at this point!

Don't be like me, save your money and follow these tips - you'll thank yourself later!

Oh. Remember, the kit doesn't make the photographer. If you have the equipment for one task, master it before you move onto the next!

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