Can you describe what you do in 280 characters?

Could you describe what you or your team does in a single Tweet?

Squashing the entire purpose of what you do into 280 characters requires some serious thought, just like any copy that's designed to engage.

It's not just about choosing the right words to gain the most impact either. You have to consider what hashtag you want to use. Of course, you don't have to use one, but as this is a Twitter centric post, I think it's best we include one!

To nail this task, ask yourself just two questions;

1. Who are you? What's your individual personality or your teams/organisations culture? Once you have this, you have your opening gambit that tells the world instantly what you may be like.

2. What are you/your team's goal and how do you deliver?

Here are a few examples as my role as a Social Media Editor.

Helping teams to interpret their data to imagine and establish personas. Then develop content that humanises our brand and builds trust. #customerexperience #cx
Passionate about supporting people to develop their personal brand and tone of voice thus improving confidence online. #positiveimpact
I'm an ambitious Digital Marketing Professional that's keen to use social media to educate your customers, shift behaviours and build trust. #customerexperience #cx

What now?

Just randomly tweeting this would seem a little strange if I'm honest. But it's a great way of getting the juices flowing to help you to understand how to communicate with the most impact with the smallest amount of characters.

This was even harder before the 280 character limit too, as it used to be 140. Challenge yourselves to get your 280 down to 140 and turn that into your team's strapline, mission statement or customer promise!

Let's see them in the comments.

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