Create a Community

Creating a community around your brand is hard. But the benefits can be huge.

But there is a trick; I'll let you into a little later!

Finding the pain points of potential customers and finding ways to answer them is possible when you read between the lines in conversations. If Henry Ford asked his potential customers what they wanted, they would have all said faster horses – the reality is, he knew they needed the car!

You can create community through your various channels online. Youtube is excellent as you can share your videos and see what the people are saying directly beneath. The same with the Facebook ads you may run, it's insightful reading the comments, you have to remember to ignore the keyboard warriors. You can also create a community in groups, using a hashtag, heck, even on Whatsapp.

Ok, I promised you a little trick. Loads of brands have already built communities. Join those forums yourself, be a customer and listen. Here's the best cheekiest method I can give you. Head over to Amazon, search for books that are written by people in your field. Check the reviews. The reviews will be full of people saying 'the author helped me do this' and 'this book helped me see the value of that'.

The information is there; you have to find it!

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