Do I edit my photos? Of course!!!

I often get asked if I ever edit the pictures I take, especially when I'm at weddings.

The answer is, yes of course I do. Otherwise, they'd look flat and lifeless. And here's why...

For those who know nothing about cameras and photo processing, there's a file type the many photographers shoot in, and that's called RAW.

RAW file types are preferred to the everyday JPEGS you may be used to, because of the sheer amount of information they hold. I won't bore you to death, but shooting in RAW can help your creative process go through the roof!

But WHY do I edit my pictures?

Simply, RAW photos hold loads of information, but the camera doesn't know HOW the photographer would like to see the image, so it's up to the photographer to take the information and manipulate the data so the image looks its best.

You're probably thinking now that I edit all my pictures. That's true, but don't be confused with photoshop! Photoshop is something I use, heck I use it most days... but a lot of people seem to think that editing photography is sucking in the fat bits, making boobs bigger and making that double chin disappear... it's really not! It's essential to make the picture just 'pop'.

Here are some examples of pictures where you can clearly see some of the editings I have done to improve the image.

As you can see, the importance of editing the photos is huge. The originals look pretty flat and dull. The editing process I take is strictly to make the images 'pop'.

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