Get these 2 right and you're gonna win with your content!

As social media content creators, we're always under pressure to stay ahead of the curve of trends with new ways to engage and to share your organisation's message.

While that's true for creating an impressive presence online, it's not the be-all and end-all.

One thing I find myself having to do with stakeholders is the permanent job of going back to basics. And quite right too. Getting the basics right every time is crucial to success in any campaign, and working with stakeholders in your organisation, you are the specialist to ensure that you communicate that during any planning session.

I used to find it incredibly frustrating when a colleague got carried away with an idea they had worked up in their head before any discussion because their expectation of what you could deliver for them was far beyond reality. While I welcome the ideas and often use them as a place to start my thinking, I often find that it's changed into something slightly different to ensure you're getting those basics right.

But what are those basics? It all depends on the strategy you have in place for your social media. The industries I create content for are a good example to explain in depth a little more.

The Social Housing sector needs to use social media to engage its massive customer base. That includes a few critical points to the strategy; education, humanising the brand and involvement. However, I create content for restaurant brands, and that's all about putting bums on seats. So, it does depend.

But there are, regardless of your business type, two things you can get right to ensure your content wins.

Define Your Content Marketing Goal

Once you have defined your goals, each post must meet that goal. If a stakeholder says to you "I've seen a competitor do this amazing thing and I want us to do it too", ask them, does it meet our marketing goal? If not, how can you reshape it, so it does? Active stakeholder engagement is about compromise, don't say no, but don't let their need to want to create something 'just because' stand in the way of keeping to your goals.

Research and Understand Your Audience

Once you have your personas created, you know whom you're targeting. It's this knowledge that will help you shape your overall message, and how you deliver it.

Remember, your content marketing will only be useful if you have a plan.

Let's crack on.

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