Hip hip hip hooray! The sun had got his hat on and he certainly came out to play! Wedding Highlights

The morning of every single wedding I shoot at I open the curtains with trepidation. Is it raining? Is it cloudy and grey? Is the sun trying it's hardest to burn through the fog? Is it 6 inches of snow?

You name it, every possible scenario goes through my head - but the morning of Adam and Becci's wedding something was different.

During the night I had heard a ruckus outside in the street and naturally went to the window to investigate. Turns out it was some cats having a fight and a neighbour was trying to get their own cat inside. Back to bed. But in my semi-conscious state, I neglected the curtains... meaning I was awoken by a burst of bright sunshine straight into my sleepy eyes! My first thought?

Today is going to be a good day!

I drove over 50 miles to the venue, Dodford Manor in Northampton. All the way there the sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky!

When I arrived I met the girls, who were on their way to get ready in the barn. If you just had visions of getting ready amongst bales of hay, that's the first thought I had too. Dodford have a beautifully converted barn with a stunning dressing room attached at the back.... perfect for getting ready!

I got straight to work, taking pictures of all the details, the barn was perfect for the shot of the dresses...

It was a really lovely day. Thanks for having me there guys :)

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