How goals align with business objectives

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I was asked in a meeting this week about aligning social media goals to business objectives. For those who aren’t in the world of social media, it’s hard to understand how goal-setting works and how to measure it. Here’s how…

Growing the brand

The business objective here is to grow your brand. To do this, your social media goal is creating awareness. To ensure you're doing this, make sure you see an increase in your followers on the channels where your personas are and an increase in shares from your audience.

Turn customers into advocates

The business objective here is to turn your customers, into advocates. An advocate is someone who will essentially recommend your service or product to a friend for relative. The social media goal is linked to engagement. This shows how your audience is interacting with your content. Focus on comments on your posts, likes and @mentions.

Drive leads and sales

The ultimate goal is making a sale. So a very common business objective is to drive leads and sales. It's pretty obvious then that the social media goal is to track and prove conversions. This demonstrates the effectiveness of your social engagement - including awareness and engagement. Focus your metrics on website clicks, email signups and of course, sales!

Improve customer retention

You want to keep customers coming back. You have tons of testimonials, reviews and comments that shine your service in a fantastic light. This can be turned into content that reflects how active customers think and feels about you. Encourage your existing customers to leave feedback and prove the value of doing that seeing those testimonials coming in but also the sentiment of your customer's tone - are they positive? If not, find a resolution and close the loop on feedback!

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