How to move images including your edits from one Lightroom to another.

I was stuck.

I had made loads of edits to several pictures on my laptop, then suddenly realised that I'd need to send these images to a different computer for further edits.

This is the first time I sat and thought 'how do I move the edits over to a new Lightroom?'.

The problem was if I exported the images as JPEGS, I'd have only JPEGS to use. And no one wants that! Plus, the edits will be baked into the file. Not a solution.

What about if I exported them as CR2's? Nope, still no edits available.

I thought I had it when I decided the best solution would be to export the images as a catalogue. But then I realised what a faff that would be.

Then I figured it out. Export as 'Original'. What Lightroom doesn't tell you is that when you export as an original file, it exports a sidecar file (.xmp). This is where the image edits are stored. This means that you have the original image in its original format AND the edits separately.

Once you chuck the image back into Lightroom on your new device, the catalog finds the sidecar file itself and applies the edits for you to carry working on!

Here's a look of how it's done.

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