How to write a story - 3 amazing tips!

Let's not mess about with this one.

There's a formula you can use.

Conflict, Resolution, Reward.

In any good story, there's a beginning, a middle and an end. Of course, within stories, there are tangents, side notes, pieces of information to share, scene building, but ultimately there are three points you can build around.

What's the conflict faced by the protagonist, how are they feeling and what's the impact? Building the pressures means the reader also needs to know what the protagonist did to overcome the challenge. Now we're onto the resolution.

What was it they found that solved all these issues? Was it your product? How did it help them, and more importantly, how did it make them feel?

That's the reward. The reward of that feeling might be confidence, it may be improved revenue, or only it could be a better way of saving time – meaning more time to do that other thing they should be doing!

A year ago, Simon left his full-time job to chase his passion of becoming a self-employed plumber. Taking the plunge as he wanted to be in control of his hours as he and his partner Shannon had recently had a baby and he didn't want to be out all hours.

Things were going great until Simon realised that the more business he was getting meant he had more admin work to do. He asked his sister, Sophie, who was unemployed and waiting for a training course to start, to handle all of his appointments for him, but she lacked experience, and they argued. Although Simon was making good money, he couldn't stretch to employing a professional, but his relationship with his sister was getting worse.

He was desperate to stop the arguing, so he took to the web to find a solution. After checking out several services, Simon found and began using ADMIN SOLUTIONS. After a free, three month trial, Simon began to see the full benefits of having a business account. He was keeping track of all his bookings via his phone and even sending invoices straight away, meaning he was getting paid quicker.

The most important thing, Simon and Sophie are back to being best buds, and he even has time to drop her off at college twice a week!

I have highlighted the three points to build around, and you can see the rest makes the story flow. A great case study, but equally you can recycle into a 30-45 second promo video.

The power of stories can be so beneficial; you need to listen to your customer's experience and find them.

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