Interview: How to do more with less

I recently had the pleasure of joining Rich Shilton, Head of Customer Success at Orlo on their first 'Tea Break with...' of 2021.

For those of you who may not know who Orlo are (where have you been!?), they’re a #Brummie brand on the world stage, helping organisations manage their social media channels. And they do it very well.

Rich and I discussed the best ways to do more with less when it comes to content creation, as many sectors are seeing budgets squeezed and expectations rise.

In this video, I draw upon my own experience in the housing sector, as well as my own personal experience from my own social channels.

Want to hear more? Watch the video now:

I have also collaborated on Orlo’s latest guidebook How to create social media content that shines which is available to download now.

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