Matt Smart saves the day with rescue wedding photography!

I know, that sounds like a dramatic title to a blog post, but, it's kinda true!

I was contacted about a month ago by Linda, the lovely bride in the pictures below. She had got married back in November last year to her groom Andy, and had unfortunately booked a photographer that hadn't got much experience... and it showed in her photos.

Just a quick point before I go any further... this isn't a post about slamming inexperienced photographers, they have to start somewhere and, in a saturated market like wedding photography, it's hard to get the work.

But it IS CRUCIAL that the homework on photographers are done first, make sure that they will deliver what you want. Or you could be disappointed!

After I had done some photos for another little family, Linda saw my work and thought that I'd be the one to get the 'right' pictures for her. So she called and booked me, assembled the bridesmaids, put her wedding dress back on, suited up Andy and we all headed down to Himley Hall, near Wombourne just outside Wolverhampton.

The rain was trying its hardest to fall but it, fortunately, stayed dry and we got some lovely photos.

If you have got married and are regretting not having a professional photographer, all is not lost! We can recreate your big day and get the pictures you so desperately need. Just drop me a message and we can get it arranged! I can even help you get the right make-up artist.

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