This is why I love my job...

The last few weeks have been, let's say busy.

Today, for example, was a journey across the Midlands to Stourbridge, more precisely the Red House Glass Cone. I was there to meet James and Amy to take some pictures for their engagement and to get to know them before their wedding day.

This is where the couple met, whilst both working there. Although they don't work there anymore, it certainly has a big spot in their hearts. Because of their knowledge of the place, it felt like I had my own private guided tour!

We had a few photo opportunities in the grounds and along the canal, which lasted about an hour, but we then sat and had a pot of tea between the three of us and chatted for well over half an hour.

And that is why I love this job.

Getting to meet new people each week, telling each other stories and getting to one another is really good for the soul! It's so important too, as it's going to my responsibility to capture their most precious day! No pressure!

Here are a few pictures of the session.

James and Amy, the rest will be ready really soon!

Engagement pictures by Matthew Smart Photography
Engagement pictures by Matthew Smart Photography

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