Top Tips for Property Photography

Because more and more people are searching for properties online before they even head over to an agents site, great photographs are increasingly becoming essential in marketing a house.

A good photograph of a property will catch the eye instantly, whereas poorly lit, wonky photos are off-putting and rarely perform well.

Employing a professional photographer can be an expensive solution to ensure that properties are in the best light, so I thought I’d share my top 5 tips about how you can take photos of the homes in the communities you work in, yourself. Better still, you don’t need expensive cameras or lighting to get the shots either, use your work mobile!

Tip 1. Fill the frame

Don’t take pictures with irrelevant content. Look at this example picture, by shooting wideout; we’re telling the story about the home. What’s around it? What’s the appeal to living there? If there is there a beautiful garden, capture it.

Tip 2. Use leading lines

When taking pictures outside, take a picture in a way that all the natural lines lead to one spot. Leading lines will give the impression to the viewer that they can feel more depth to the image – essentially you’re putting the viewer in the picture.

Tip 3. Take your exterior shots in the morning, or better still, when it’s been raining!

Getting up dawn isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Still, it’s the ideal time of day to get the best photographs of the outside of property: dawn light is better as it’s generally warmer (evening light can be too warm) and there are fewer people around. If it’s been raining, watch all the colours pop! Naturally saturated photos are better than photos that have been in photoshop!

Just remember the following;

  • Try to choose a clear, bright day

  • Move any vehicles from the outside of the property

  • Remove any clutter from outside the property such as bins and hoses

  • Mow the lawn

  • Clean the windows

Tip 4. Room preparation

Sometimes called staging, preparing a room is a way of showing how best it can be used. This is very often done by temporarily repositioning furniture in a place and putting lamps on tables and flowers in vases, or setting the table for dinner.

Just remember, put on all the lights! If you can get the opportunity of taking a picture of someone’s home, do so!

Tip 5. Make rooms feel big – don’t box them in

If possible, take photos from the corner of a room (with all the lights on) opposite a doorway. This will give the impression that the room and property are more significant than it actually might be.

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