Wedding at the Punch Bowl, Bridgenorth

The wedding of Rebecca and David at the Punch Bowl was probably the most eventful of weddings of 2019 so far.

It rained, it went dry, the sun came out then it rained again. But it didn't dampen the spirits of the couple nor the guests.

The bride and all the girls got ready in a really small room. Well, not really small but because there were so many, it was a tight fit.

The ceremony was outdoors which was nice as being inside had become a bit stifling with the heat. It hadn't rained for an hour up until this point and then, you guessed it, it started to rain. The venue has a lovely little set-up with a cover over the guests and the bride and groom.

It certainly wasn't a shotgun wedding, just because the bride was pregnant. Although, it made fun of by the father of the bride who did bring a shotgun to the wedding - captured hilariously in the following picture...

Weddings are a celebration of two peoples decision to spend the rest of their lives together, but this one was a little different. Rebecca is pregnant and is desperate to know the gender of the baby, so has arranged for a second cake to be made with the colours of the sponge representing pink for a girl and blue for a boy. I was so pleased to capture the exact moment that the couple found out (check the photos to find out for yourself!)

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