Wedding Day Highlights - Emma and Mark

Wedding days are usually full of different emotions, anxiety, excitement, sad, happy and of course, love. I saw all of these at the wedding of Emma and Mark.

But I saw one emotion that I hadn't really expected. And that was confusion!

Midway into the evening's shenanigans at the Village Hotel in Dudley, things were cut short. By a smoke alarm! Members of staff had poured into the venue to get everyone out through the fire exits. Ironically the room we were in was called 'Vibe', how that quickly disappeared!

We spent well over an hour outside in the cold on the car park, with a few hundred other anxious guests, some of which had been turfed out their rooms from what was clearly a deep slumber. There was no fire, but the right thing to do was to make sure that the hotel was safe, and that's what took the time. There are some pictures at the end of this post showing the events of the evening.

But that was one part of the day and Emma and Marks day shouldn't be remembered for the fire that wasn't a fire. It was actually a really lovely day, starting out with the girls getting ready before heading over to the Priory in Dudley.

It was a lovely day, I'm really proud to have been a part of it! Thanks for having there Emma and Mark :)

Pictures from the evening in the car park at the Village Hotel Dudley.

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